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Hotels and Resorts

We've worked in hotels and resorts across the country transforming ballrooms and boardrooms into vibrant meeting spaces (show some examples here as well). We are also proud in-house partners with several properties around the country providing AV support for their clients.

Multi-screen video staging with crew sitting on stage.
Hotel ballroom transformed into live event stage.
LED towers on stage between two HD projection screens with beautuful muti color lighting.
Convention Centers
hall AdobeStock_338754690.jpeg

Whether it's a week long series of breakout room meetings and plenary sessions or just a short sales meeting or a gala event, CMI has worked with countless convention centers to deliver one of a kind experiences

Widescreen video projection system inside large convention center exhibit hall.
Convention center ballroom with textured panels and video surpfaces for banquet and corporate meeting.
Multi-screen projection example with hanging screens.
Creative video surround example with horseshoe layout.

From on campus seminars to proud graduation ceremonies, we've gone back to school many times and we never stop learning.

Religious broadcast.
Gymnasium transformed for Google event.
Arena filled with happy crowd at a rock and roll event.
Houses of Worship
Image by William White

CMI has transformed many a venue into a place of worship utilizing audio, lighting, and stagecraft.  We've also worked inside many established churches, synagogues, and mosques respecting our surroundings while delivering profound productions.

Widescreen backdrop for religious ceremony along with delay screens.
Digital projection of stained glass window.
Venue installation with front of house production area.
Capture Studios
Image by Jesus Loves Austin

Our capture studios provide the perfect space for you to capture and record professional audio and video recordings of your all important message. We work with you to merge lighting, cameras, and set designs into a beautiful broadcast.

Re-branded studio space with production lighting.
Green screen studio with virtual capabilities.
Video production studio with set dressing, graphics, and talent.
Outdoor Events
LED WALL AdobeStock_371418386.jpeg

Outdoor events bring unique challenges, but years of experience makes open air audio, video, and lighting as easy as 1-2-3. From concerts to happenings, we bring the all the pieces needed to accommodate large gatherings.

March for Our Lives outdoor audio and video support system.
Temporary outdoor structure with turn-key audiovisual support for hundreds of press members.
LED wall panel.
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