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Our Team

Meet the audiovisual people who make every seat count.

Here is your team behind the scene.

Andrew Davis

Video Engineering
Creative Design

"I can fix that"

Brandon Borgus

Audio Engineering

"Mistaking absence of evidence for evidence of absence."

Brendon Vierra

Event Management

Has never been quoted to have said, "Don't quote me."

Brian Willis

Audiovisual Support

Originally cast as Reggie Dunlop in 1977's "Slap Shot".

DJ McKeon

Hotel AV Management

Utilizes the power of AV for good, never evil.

Dan Ludwig

Hotel AV Management

Went to Universal Studios for Halloween this one time.

David Perry

Hotel AV Management

Understands the importance of being in the moment.

Eric Smith


Owner. Head Coach. General Manager. Cheer Captain.

Jared Stackman

Hotel AV Management

Was never told he had an identical twin, because he didn't.

Jenifer Beldue

Human Resources

"These are a few of my favorite things."

Jim Callahan

Audio Engineering

Bona fide Eagle Scout.

John Skahill

Audio Engineering

Brings a sunrise wherever he goes.

Kehli Peek

Audiovisual Support

Just a bunch of spare parts... and a lollypop

Kyle Quinn

Audiovisual Support

Loves football more than anything.

Matt Hull

Audiovisual Support

"Just when you think you've had enough, you're probably right."

Mike Crawford

Operations and Events

“If you’re going to go at something half-assed, no sense doing it.”

Paul Berretta

Audiovisual Support

Knows the answer to life, the universe, and everything.

Steve Farmer

Video Engineering

Knows his stuff and also a good portion of other people's stuff.

Tim Snyder

Warehouse Management

Loves his family and fishing and inventory management software updates.

Vaughn Taylor

Video Engineering

Loves backups. Absolutely adores them.

Anthony Hicks

Audiovisual Support

Loves it when George Peppard's plans come together!

Brandon Smith

Event Management

The Bilbo Baggins of audiovisual.

Brian Contant

Event Management

Just can't get enough.

Chris Siwek

Event Management

Always cool, but always extra cool under pressure.

Dan Lamphier

Event Management

Audiovisual does what Dan says.

Dan Singer

Audiovisual Support

Rocks out under pressure.

Eric Kretschman

Event Management

Fighting AV crime since ’99.

Greg Bates

Event Management

Enjoys a nice cup of hot chocolate while watching snowflakes blanket sleepy little deer at sunset beside a babbling brook.

Jeff Smith

Warehouse Operations Management

"I enjoy short walks on the beach, football, beer, wings, and deep couch sitting with my wife and daughter."

Jesus Duprey

Audiovisual Support

CMI AV for the win!

John Depasquale

Audiovisual Support

Finds DVI, HDMI, and SDI all equally useful in different scenarios.

Joseph Kinney

Graphic Design

Raised by AV wolves.

Kevin Marsh

Event Managment

“There’s someone in my head, but it’s not me.”

Mark Romano

Event Management

Recently achieved a personal milestone or something.

Matt Machi

Rental Management

Has a positive outlook on the future mostly.

Mitch Johnston

Audiovisual Support

Cannot play guitar. Air or otherwise.

Paul Yannello

Audiovisual Support

Because he can’t, he won’t and he don’t stop

Steve Flint

Event Management

Able to recite 49 states.

Todd Bates

Audiovisual Support

Prefers to work 150’ in the air.

Zak Westbrook

Hotel AV Management

Loves the smell of AV in the morning.

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