Great events define our past. Great relationships determine our future.

We at CMI AV have had the opportunity to manage events around the globe, help with major company announcements, celebrate the work of dedicated teams, and help businesses unveil countless new innovations across hundreds of industries. And what have we learned over the course of our long history? We've learned that people drive us, people inspire us, people make our operation work, and people are our priority.

As a business, and as people, we are committed to combating racism and prejudice and creating a welcoming, inclusive environment for employees, vendors, contractors, clients, and event attendees of all backgrounds, races, ethnicities, genders, abilities, and ages.

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Industry Membership

Decades of industry membership, reinforced with continued leadership, has given us a unique insight into the ever changing landscape of meeting and event services. It is with pride that we continue to expand our understanding, together with our professional associates.